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Feel the power of CLOUD based online auction. The most powerful and robust online auction software on secure T.T.W.S cloud server.

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  • Yearly Registration Fee 2000 BDT.
  • Yearly CLOUD auction Limit 15.
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  • Yearly CLOUD auction Limit 25.
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PRIVATE auction

New feature added to CLOUD, called “PRIVATE AUCTION”

Auctioneer can do auction in 100% private environment! In this feature, only specific users are allowed to participate the auction. PRIVATE auction is run by listed bidders that is given by auctionner.

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500+ Active Bidders

We set the CLOUD algorithm such a way that it 'll refine user database in terms of bidders activity. Inactive bidders automatically delete by the server.

2000+ Intelligent Bid

One of the most powerful feature such as Server Intelligence Bid (SIB), it makes CLOUD bidders more smart and wise. So, each bid is count on CLOUD auction.

100+ Satisfied Auction

Until now we've finished total 102 satisfied CLOUD auction.

10+ Auctioneer already joined and still counting!

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Feel the power of cloud based online auction software. The most powerful and robust online auction software on T.T.W.S secure cloud server.

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Feel The Power of Cloud based Online Auction

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